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Tile Clips

TIL-R Tile Clips offer the perfect solution for secondary fixing as required by BS 5534:2014 regulations which state:

  • All single-lap (interlocking) tiles must be mechanically fixed at least once with a nail or a clip
  • All perimeter tiles must be mechanically fixed at least twice

tile-clips-in-use     tile-clips-in-use-2

  • Single piece, universal tile clips suitable for use with most interlocking tile
  • No nail and clip threading required
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Does not foul drainage channel thereby allowing free water passage
  • Manufactured from Drawn Galvanised Carbon Steel which remains more rigid than Stainless Steel
  • Fully compliant to BS 5534:2014
  • Tested by BRE for wind resistance performance
  • 1000 clips per carton, 100 cartons per pallet

TIL-R Tile Clips are suitable for use on pitched interlocking tile roofs at all exposures throughout the UK. They are made from drawn galvanised carbon steel.

Tile Clips 1
For flat profile thin leading edge interlocking tiles and interlocking mock plain tiles.


Tile Clips 2
For flat profile standard interlocking tiles and most pan tiles.

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TypeWeight per cartonProduct codes
TIL-R Tile Clips 1Approx. 6.3kg10524267/280170025
TIL-R Tile Clips 2Approx. 7.4kg10524271/280170030


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