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Roof Windows

TIL-R Roof Windows offer both quality and high performance at exceptional value.

Available in both pine or PVC frames with a choice of flashings and accessories for the perfect finish, our windows are:

·  Thermally insulated
·  Perfect for any pitch between 15° to 90°
·  15 Year glazing warranty

The TIL-R Roof Window Range
TIL-R offers a concise range of high quality roof windows and flashings, manufactured to strict code of requirements and designed to meet your standards of usability, quality and price. With centre-pivots for convenience and built-in air inlets for ventilation, TIL-R Roof Windows are thermally insulated providing you with the right solution for the job:

White Painted Pine Roof Windows
Both modern and attractive, TIL-R Pine Roof Windows are made from FSC certified pine and CE marked to give both you and your customers total peace of mind.

PVC Roof Windows
Manufactured from high quality PVC and reinforced from the inside with steel profiles for durability and limited maintenance, TIL-R PVC Roof Windows are suitable for rooms with elevated humidity levels such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Manufactured from aluminium sheets, coated with hard-wearing polyester lacquer, TIL-R’s range of flashings are available in grey – brown to match with most standard roof coverings.
• Tile Flashings
• Slate flashings
• Tile & Slate Vertical Combi Flashings

All TIL-R Roof Windows come with a 15 Year Glazing Warranty and a 10 Year Window Frame Warranty as standard, and are available in a choice of 6 popular sizes:
•  55cm x 78cm
•  55cm x 98cm
•  78cm x 98cm
•  78cm x 118cm
•  78cm x 140cm
•  114cm x 118cm