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Copper & Aluminium Slate Nails

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TIL-R Copper and Aluminium slate nails have been designed to make installing natural slate easier, providing you with the right solution for the job.

Our new slate nails ensure that all requirements of BS 5534 are met which state a minimum gauge of 3mm, a head size of 10mm minimum and a penetration into the batten of a minimum 20 to 22mm.

TIL-R Copper and Aluminium slate nails are 35mm x 3mm gauge nails with a 10mm head and have textured rings to improve pull out resistance.

  • Available in packs of 500
  • Provide good penetration into batten without damage
  • Available in Copper or Aluminium
  • Textured rings improve pull out resistance
  • Nail size 35mm x 3mm with 10mm head

TIL-R Copper Slate nails for web

TIL-R Slate Nails aluminium for web

TypePack SizeProduct Codes
TIL-R Copper Slate Nails500280150010/10541873
TIL-R Aluminium Slate Nails500280150015/10541875