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Nail Fuel Pack


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TIL-R Nail Fuel Packs contain 34˚clipped head strip nails in a variety of diameters and lengths with two or three gas fuel cells, offering the ideal solution for fast and reliable fixing, saving you time and helping you to comply with BS EN 14592:2008 + A1:2012.

TIL-R Nail Fuel Packs are universal, designed to work with the majority of gas tools (with the exception of the Paslode IM360i gun) and competitively priced, ensuring that you can complete your project efficiently and on time. TIL-R Nails are compatible with all nail guns.

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Available in either electro galvanised or hot dipped galvanised zinc coatings to protect them from corrosion, TIL-R nails are offered in ring, screw or smooth finishes.

TIL-R nails fix together wood based structural members exposed to Service Class 2 and Service Class 3 design environments making them ideal for timber framing, sub flooring, roofing, sheathing, decking and fencing applications.

  • CE marked
  • Non-alloy wire rods meeting BS EN 10016-1 to 4
  • Tensile strength in accordance with BS EN 10218 to a minimum of 700N/mm²
  • 15 year warranty*

Download the TIL-R Nail Fuel Pack Data Sheet

Download the TIL-R Nail Fuel Pack Safety Data Sheet

Download TIL-R Nail Fuel Pack Declaration of Performance here