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The latest addition to our fixings range – TIL-R Nail Fuel Packs

At TIL-R, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our fixings range, TIL-R Nail Fuel Packs. We know that time is money to our customers, and with the introduction of our new nail fuel packs, we can help roofing contractors get the job done faster and more efficiently.

For your convenience, our Nail Fuel Packs are designed to work with the majority of gas tools* and contain 34˚clipped head strip nails in a variety of diameters and lengths, with two or three gas fuel cells.

gun and NFP

Available in ring, screw or smooth finishes, our nails are protected from corrosion by either electro galvanised or hot dipped galvanised zinc coatings. This makes them suitable for fixing together wood based structural members exposed to Service Class 2 and Service Class 3 design environments, such as:

  • timber framing
  • sub flooring
  • roofing
  • sheathing
  • decking
  • fencing

TIL-R Nail Fuel Packs offer the ideal solution for fast and reliable fixing, saving you time and helping you to comply with BS EN 14592:2008 + A1:2012, and  TIL-R nails are CE marked providing assurance that they are manufactured to an industry agreed standard. The circular ring shank D-head nails are made from non-alloy wire rods in accordance with EN 10016-1 to 4 and have a tensile strength in accordance with EN 10218 to a minimum of 700N/mm².

For added peace of mind, the nails in our Nail Fuel Packs come with a 15 year warranty, which is an industry first! They are included in SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty which covers your pitched roof product performance for 15 years, with a single warranty;  providing the property owner with confidence that their investment is well protected and giving the roofing contractor a competitive edge.

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* Fuel cells are not compatible with Paslode IM360i

Just clip it!

TIL-R’s new range of Tile Clips are the perfect solution for a quicker finish, whilst ensuring your secondary fixings easily meet the revised BS 5534:2014.

Since the new British Standards for slating and tiling came into force, a number of products have emerged to help contractors comply with the new regulations. Under the revised rules all tiles now need to be mechanically fixed – to ensure a safer and more secure finish. That’s why TIL-R have developed their new range of single piece, universal Tile Clips – suitable for use on pitched roof interlocking tiles, at all exposures.

Roof close up v1

Manufactured from drawn galvanised carbon steel, which remains more rigid than stainless steel, TIL-R’s new range makes it easy for you to comply with the code and get on with the job. TIL-R Tile Clips are fast and simple to install with no need for any nail or clip threading. And, by helping keep drainage channels blockage free, the clips allow free water passage away from the roof.

TIL-R Tile Clips are available in two options; the first is for flat profile thin leading edge interlocking tiles and interlocking mock plain tiles and the second is for flat profile standard interlocking tiles and most pantiles.

TIL-R Tile Clips are:

• Fully compliant to BS 5534:2014
• Tested by BRE for wind resistance performance
• Professional quality with a 15-year product warranty
• Included in SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty

Whatever solution you need, you can be sure TIL-R Tile Clips give you the host of benefits we’ve come to expect from TIL-R.

Find out more about TIL-R Tile Clips here.

Everyone’s a winner with own label products

With so many big brands to choose from, why buy own label?

In 2014, research group Nielsen found that supermarket own label products – think ‘Tesco Finest’, Sainsbury’s ‘Be Good to Yourself’ and Waitrose’s ‘Essentials’ ranges amongst others – accounted for 54% of total supermarket sales. That’s a significant piece of the pie.

Leaving the question, why are own label products such a popular consumer choice? In the construction industry they offer a time saving solution, where someone else has done all the hard work for you. Suppliers of own label products dedicate their time and resource to identifying the best product solution and suitable manufacturer for their customers’ needs.
This is done by companies working with, and listening to their customers to identify the required product solution. Once the solution is agreed, suppliers select a manufacturer that is well established, has a proven track record in the industry and exceptional technical knowledge and expertise.

It doesn’t stop there, when considering an own label product you can rely on a trusted product solution that:

Answers customers’ specific needs
Offers reliable performance
Provides exceptional quality
Is tried and tested
Is based on the latest research and product developments
Complies with legislation
Offers robust warranties
Plus, they’re readily available, so you know you can get the products you need, whenever you need them.

So, which own label products fit the bill in the roofing industry? Ranges such as TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R have been developed with expert manufacturers, and undergo rigorous testing before being released to the market, giving you assurance of their quality. They are also designed to fit together seamlessly, which means you don’t have to waste time shopping around for complementary materials. Therefore if you want to save time by selecting quality products you can trust, they are a good choice.

An added bonus of the TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R ranges is that they come with warranties backed by SIG, a FTSE 250 company as standard.

Pop into SIG Roofing to view the full TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R ranges. Find you local branch at

A concrete example of giving you the edge

To achieve a quality roof, it’s essential to use quality ridges. After all, if you use a poor product, it’s unlikely to hold up against the full force of British weather for very long. A well-made, properly installed ridge on the other hand, will stand the test of time. And whichever ridge you choose, it has to work properly alongside your chosen tile material. That’s where TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles come in.

Although concrete is now the UK’s most widely-used roofing material, thanks to its strength and durability, there is still a huge demand for other materials such as natural slate. TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles have been specifically designed to offer the best modern material to compliment the best slate roofs.

• CE Marked
• Suitable for use anywhere in the UK
• Fully compatible with TIL-R Ridge Kits
• Available in anthracite, terracotta and slate grey
• Comes in the most popular profiles – 1/3 round, ½ round, multi-ridge and universal ridge
• Perfect for use with SIGA Slate, fibre cement slate and general storm damage and ridge re-pair work

Manufactured by award-winning independent manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles, in partnership with SIG Roofing, TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles give you everything you expect from the TIL-R name: high quality, competitive price and ease of use. For best results, we recommend that TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are fixed in place with TIL-R Ridge Kits, or for a more traditional appearance, Remix, bagged roof tile bedding mortar.

Now part of SIG’s Core Range, TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are stocked in all SIG Roofing branch-es throughout the UK. As further assurance of the quality, TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are included in SIG’s ONE Warranty offer, so come with a guarantee backed by a FTSE 250 company.

Roll with it: TIL-R Pitched Roofing Products go from strength to strength

Now that mortar alone isn’t a suitable fix under BS 5534, a number of clever new dry-fix alternatives have been developed. The TIL-R Dry Fix Ridge Kit, for example, is a mechanically fixed solution that can be used with most conventional ridge tiles, or on hips (in conjunction with hip trays).

It’s lightweight, safe and simple to install – even in damp and frosty conditions – as there’s no mortar required. So if you’re working on a refurbishment, maintenance or improvement project with a tight deadline and budget, you can crack on, whatever the weather!

Available in SIG Roofing branches nationwide, the TIL-R Dry Fix Ridge Kit is highly durable, requiring little ongoing maintenance, and complies to British Standards.

Other new products in the TIL-R range include Lead Free Flashing, Breathable Pitched Roof Underlays and Concrete Ridge Tiles.

Look out for more products in the range coming soon.

TIL-R Dry Fix Ridge Kit
• High quality, low cost, mechanically fixed solution
• Secures ridge tiles at the roof apex
• Resistant to wind uplift and water penetration
• Ventilated to BS 5534 requirements
• 20-year warranty
• 6m long vapour permeable Ridge Roll, with corrugated aluminium strips down each edge
• 2.5cm butyl strip attached to the underside
• Aluminium and technical fabric glued and sewn together with threads for durability
• Flexible Ridge Union and Clip
• 100mm stainless steel Screw and Clamping Plate
• Ridge Batten Bracket – shape prior to installation